On February 18, Mr. Le Duc Vinh - Chairman of Khanh Hoa provincial People's Committee chaired the meeting on the situation of Tet Ky Hoi 2019. Attending were Mr. Le Xuan Than - Head of the provincial Parliament Delegation, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Council; representative of the Standing provincial People's Committee; leaders of the Front, unions and departments, agencies, localities.

Last Lunar New Year, commodity prices were relatively stable, Tet goods were plentiful, good quality. Political security, social order and safety on Tet holiday were guaranteed; There were 29,979 policy beneficiaries, social sponsors receive gifts with the total of over 10.1 billion VND. Cultural, art and sports activities were organized in a plentiful manner, meeting the beneficiary needs of the people and creating a lively atmosphere during Tet; Tourism had a good growth rate ...

Mr. Le Duc Vinh spoke at the meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Le Duc Vinh appreciated the efforts of the branches and localities to ensure a traditional Tet holiday that was safe, healthy, vibrant and economical. However, there were still some issues that need to be rectified and overcome: the situation of raising prices of food, accommodation, transportation, parking fees ... In which, the highlight was the case of 2 "Tight guillotine" restaurants tourists in Nha Trang city. Many localities still let the fireworks happen on New Year's Eve. In Nha Trang city, there were still a situation of begging, pestering tourists in some places of interest ...

Mr. Le Duc Vinh proposed the departments, branches and localities in the coming time to strictly implement administrative discipline, not to let the work backlog happen. Department of Taxation and localities actively carry out tax collection tasks; concerned about illegal construction, illegal mining; actively carrying out the task of implementing important provincial socio-economic programs; activities of the National Tourism Year and Sea Festival 2019...

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