The Provincial People's Committee has just sent documents to departments, branches and localities to request the implementation of Decision 62 of the Prime Minister on the scheme of controlling transport service quality and ensuring traffic safety for tourists; reflect promptly to the Department of Transport about difficulties and problems.

The Provincial People's Committee also requested the Department of Transport to disseminate Decision 62 to related organizations and individuals in the province, organize the implementation of tasks under their authority.

It is known that the project's goal by 2025 has 80% of the hub transport works of passengers (passenger car terminals of grade 3 or higher, road stop stations, railway stations, inland waterway ports and seaports, airports) equipped with facilities, passenger service facilities and transport connections
smoothly and safely to tourist areas and tourist spots.

100% of high-speed roads are applied smart traffic in management and exploitation; step by step removing black spots and potential high-risk points of traffic insecurity on roads, railways and inland waterways; to invest in building a number of passenger car terminals and passenger wharf portsInland waterways, passenger ports of sea and air ports and key road and rail routes according to plannings and plans in key tourism development areas.

Regarding the development of tourist transport means, 100% of means of transport for road and inland waterway tourists must have equipment for service quality and technical safety according to regulations; invest in developing tourist transport vehicles.

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